Recent Publications

In Press

Gray, J., & Dunlop, W. L. (in press). Structure and measurement invariance of adult romantic attachment. Journal of Personality Assessment.

Dunlop, W. L., Hanley, G. E., & McCoy, T. P. (in press). The narrative psychology of love lives. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

Dunlop, W. L. (in press). The narrative identity structural model (NISM). Imagination, Cognition and Personality.

Dunlop, W. L., Hanley, G. E., McCoy, T. P., & Harake, N. (in press).  Sticking to the (romantic) script: A examination of love life scripts, stories, and self-reports of normality.  Memory.

Dunlop, W. L., Harake, N., & Wilkinson, D. (in press). The cultural psychology of Clinton and Trump supporters: A narrative approach. Social Psychological and Personality Science. 

Dunlop, W. L., McCoy, T. P., Harake, N. & Gray, J. (in press).  When I think about you I project myself: Examining idiographic goals from the perspective of self and other.  Social and Personality Psychological Science.


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